Visiting US while on a TN visa

I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada who is set to start working in the US on a TN visa in mid July.

Immigration attorneys are currently preparing my package and may go through USCIS pre-approval if they deem it necessary.

In any case I plan on driving to the peace bridge POE to get my TN, flagpole, then fly into the US from YYZ the next day. From my research I've heard this is not an issue.

However I would be flying into California (to visit for a week prior to my start date) while my job is in NY. Is this a problem? Do you present your flight ticket to CBP at the airport? or is that screening done separately (aka could be done even if you had no ticket)?

Would it be better to not get my TN at a POE till after I come back from my vacation? is this a red flag if USCIS has already pre-approved my application?

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