J-2 Two Year Home Residency No Objection Waiver | Military Conscription

I am a Taiwanese citizen. My company is petitioning me for EB3 green card but we recently found that the J-2 that I held in high school here is subjected to the two year home residency rule. My lawyer checked my travel history and determined that I am exactly two days shy of fulfilling that rule. She is about to file for a waiver under no objection category for me. However, I am worried that Taiwan embassy will deny it because I have not fulfilled my military duty in Taiwan (military conscription).

I also have the option to just travel back to Taiwan since my visa is still valid until early 2022 and I am not over 24 year-old yet, but it is not an easy task with the current COVID situation in Taiwan.

What do you think I should do? Is there is anyone with similar background who was granted a J waiver from their embassy despite not having served in the military yet?

edit: My lawyer apparently hasn't handled any J waiver case for Taiwan nationals before but she reassured me that all other J waivers that she's done were approved. Nevertheless, I think my situation is unique in a way that I have not served in the military as required by Taiwanese Laws.

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