Path to citizenship - clear or not?

Hello, throwaway account but thanks for your time, I'll try to summarize all the key points and I'd appreciate all the advice.

- Entered at 9 years old, with inspection, overstayed Visa

- Got served with deportation orders

- Family hired a lawyer to represent our case, this is where things get cloudy as I'm not 100% familiar (yes I'll be consulting everybody soon) but my understanding is our deportation order is closed. Parents are now greencard holders and I have had DACA for 7-8 years now.

- GF of almost 8 years and I just got married. We also purchased a house together and moved in so we think a joint mortgage is a strong evidence, along with the rest of everything we shared.

My family is highly recommending to re-open our case with our lawyer and have them represent us. This can cost almost 5 figures (although some of that can't be avoided as filing fees already) so we want to spend a little time figuring out if it's recommended to file a change of status on our own or not. Sounds like there is mandatory court appearance as the main reason we should be represented.

We have zero concerns about any interviews, just not sure how straightforward this situation is? I have consultation next week, but still appreciate any outside advice.

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