Is it possible to change visa category from B1/B2 to F1 with the same MRV fee?

Around Feb 2021, I filled out a DS 160 form and paid the visa fee for a tourist visa (B1/B2). However, due to the lockdown only 23rd has been shown as the available date. I have not taken the visa interview for this category. I have the following questions :

  1. Is it possible to change the visa category on the cgi account after the payment has been made ? ( From B1/B2 to F1)

  2. If not, would I need to repeat the whole process again ? Starting from filling out a new DS 160 form and then making the payment, Sevis fee and so on.

  3. Since I had a regular appointment scheduled but for a different category, and have not taken that interview, do I have to mention this if/when I have to fill the form for F1 visa ?

  4. Is there anyway to delete the application I made for the B1/B2 category ?

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