N-400 Citizenship Interview: Case update time on myUSCIS account to Oath after Interview?

Me & my wife both had our citizenship interviews yesterday (we both passed). We both had to submit new passport photos after interview (because my interview officer thought appearance was changed since 2015 photo they had when I received the green card). We went to CVS nearby got the new photos & submitted back to USCIS office yesterday itself after the interview.

Today morning when we checked our myUSCIS accounts - only my wife's account is updated to show interview completed & oath ceremony as next step. My USCIS account still shows "Interview Scheduled" step (which I already passed yesterday). Both our interviews were conducted by different officers - so I assume may be my wife's officer updated her case as Interview Passed immediately yesterday - while my officer may have done it late or will update my case today (which will show on myUSCIS account later in couple of days?).

Just wondering if anybody else has seen such issue? (few days delay to show interview passes status & update to Oath ceremony after passing the N-400 interview). Thank you in advance!

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