Anyone flown from NZ to the USA recently for the purpose of tourism/meeting a partner?

This might be the wrong subreddit so lmk if it is, I am not trying to immigrate to the USA lol, I just am going on a holiday for 3 weeks. Me and my boyfried are doing a road trip around the west coast for 3 weeks. I am flying to the USA from NZ and returning to NZ after.

I was just wondering if anyone did this recently? Did CBP give you a hard time for travelling to meet your bf/gf during covid? I am hoping that a lease document in my home country, a return ticket, about 13k in savings, and some hotels booked should mean that I am able to safely pass CBP without issues, but I heard they are being extra strict with tourists visiting their partners during COVID.

for the record me and my bf have never met before. We have been together for about 4 months. Anyway, how did you guys go holidaying in the USA?

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