Almost 3 weeks and no Form G-1145 notice yet

Hello guys!!

I am getting super worried, can’t even sleep. So I sent out my adjustment of status package along with the form G-1145 to the Chicago lockbox on May 13th through USPS, which said has been delivered on Monday May 17th 2021.

Now I’m scared and wondering if they have even received it. Because from what I saw is that people receive the text/email notices by 10days. And unfortunately I can only see the state and zip code on the USPS receipt, so I’m not sure if they read the address wrong, or delivered it to someone else instead of the lockbox, OR if it has really been delivered to the lockbox.

I emailed the lockbox and I’m still waiting for their response. I always call the bank to check my cashier’s check, and it hasn’t been cash yet. So I have nothing. I keep getting frustrated at myself for not asking for a signature at delivery.

My worry is not even only about the money or time, it is more about all my informations in that packet place in someone’s hand.

I know that said on their website that they are being delayed on notices, but they also advised to add the form G-1145 so we can receive the text/email, so I guess they are not getting late on that one, at least that’s what I thought.

Is someone else experiencing the same thing please? And what can I do in this case?

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