USA Visa Refused , reasons they didn't give any !

I applied for a visa to the US ,September 2019.

Purpose : Disabled People Programs.

I was part of a program that helps disabled people and organize activities for them (program duration was 2 months ). I received a letter of invitation from the US to participate in the program, NGO type of thing. Not my first time ive been involved in NGO's in Poland/Sweden/Turkey/North Africa and Vietnam I was a student at that time in the Uni , it was summer program in the US. Anyway at the day of the interview for the Visa i was asked random question related to me / project, but after i was a handed a refusal paper no explanation in that paper that clarifies why i was refused a visa , but i know the reason it was because im from North Africa. The reason i posted this is because i was disappointed in the visa system it's not fair to let a person decide wether you get a visa or not ( we know people can be bias maybe he didn't like the way i looked ...), and my documents were all present , it just doesn't make sens ...but well what do you expect being called a third country won't give you the benefit of doubt , i assume that they thought i would go there and stay illegally and immigrate and work at Mcdonald's for 8 bucks an hour.

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