Question about filling out I864 for NVC

My wife is a permanent resident. She is sponsoring her two children. Two separate I-130 petitions were submitted and approved. I will be a cosponsor (I am a U.S. citizen). We are now preparing the forms to submit on the NVC website.

Some questions we have are this:

1) For Part 3.1 for each of the child's forms should my wife check yes?

2) For Part 3.2 should we leave it blank since even though the children would be immigrating at the same time they are listed on separate visa petitions?

3) For Part 3.29 for each form should we only enter 1 since the children are listed on separate visa petitions?

4) For Part 6.7, is it okay if the income is below poverty level so long as the income combined with the cosponsor's is sufficient?

5) For Part 6.24a,b,c, since we filed our taxes jointly, do we need to only include the income of my wife and not mine as well? If so, does the number have to be exact?

Regarding the I864A that I would fill out,

1) Do I need to fill a separate one out for each of the children or one altogether where I would include both intending immigrants?

Those are all the questions I have for now.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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