Is B2 visa still disallowed from travel to USA (from Malaysia)?


My girlfriend was able to get a 10-yr B2 visa in mid-2019 that she used to visit me in Califfornia, USA during Nov-2019 just pre-covid. When Covid hit, her visa was in the non-essential travel category. I am wondering if these restrictions are still in place or if/when her visa might allow her to enter the USA. Its a real nightmare finding the right info online, the visitor visa webpage doesn't detail it and most of the restrictions pages show hard to understand, outdated or lack of direct answers or information. I understand there is a travel ban for certain countries (Malaysia not listed). Can she travel to Mexico for entry or is non-essential travel still restrict her from coming here? Can she qualify under essential travel for medical purposes for getting a COVID vaccine, something not available still in Malaysia. Can we declare being fiancées to allow her travel?

I wanted to know if her B2 visa would permit travel to USA with negative COVID-test and/or if these restrictions are expected to lift for unvaccinated b2 visa holders.

Thanks for any help.

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