I 129f advice

I submitted my I 129f back in October I finally got a rfe request last week

I was told I needed more proof of us meeting in the past 2 years I submitted photos of us together My passport stamped Entry and exit stamps Boarding passes

Apparently I guess I need a photo of us with a giant clock displaying the day and year in the background

What would you do in my situation

I have a photo of us from a night club. The club posted it on their Facebook page

We re not in the center of the photo the club posted it with a date and year stamp on facebook but we re only visible from the side

I have other photo s and videos of us at the club wearing same clothes

I can add hotel receipts to prove I was at those hotels

I can get her parents to say yes he was here we had dinner at this restaurant.

I honestly am surprised the documents I submitted were not enough

What would you do

I'm thinking I can add Affidavits from her family Affidavits from my family here

And also that dated picture posted by the club

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