rejecting a T20 university in the US because of my passport :( need advice/ reassurance

Hey everyone!

I'm an international student (finished HS last year and am on a gap year) from Singapore but hold a foreign nationality (with a green card wait time of >15 years). I was fortunate enough to get into a T20 school in the States (UCLA) for math/ econ and despite being obsessed with it for so long, I have to reject its offer simply based on my nationality.

Doesn't matter what my grades are, doesn't matter how involved I am at school, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would have to compete with locals for jobs and even if I were to find a company to sponsor my H1B, there would be no guarantee I get it after 3 tries which would lead to me getting deported back to my under developed home country where I haven't lived in over a decade. My parents are very supportive and even though they'd be stretched thin in paying for UCLA, they are still willing to do it if it really is my dream.

I don't want to put that pressure on them, however. Instead I am thinking about just going to a school in Canada (Ivey business) to reduce the strain (as Ivey is 100k cheaper due to the scholarship they offered me) on them and get Canadian citizenship around 3-4 years after graduating. (same time it'd take me to get h1b). Even though I know I can do an MBA in the states, it's been my dream to live in America for so long. Am I doing the right thing rejecting that dream?

Any help would be appreciated!

P.S: If this is a taste of the real world, I don't love it :(

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