K1 visa fiancé

Hey guys my name is zahraa and I am u.s citizen. I applied for my husband that’s in Iraq for an k1 fiancé visa. I applied on august 2019 and it got approved by the uscis on April 2020. After that my husband has not got an interview or even a call to schedule for an interview from the us embassy in Ankara turkey I have been going back and forth to Iraq a couple times to see my husband and now I am pregnant and I am 6 months. I’m living with my family in America right now but it’s very hard without my husband because I can not work at this time I can not drive at this time My husband in Iraq has literally no job because there’s actually no jobs in Iraq It’s very low And giving birth is a risk because there is women that give birth and die There is plenty things I can not do and my husband need to be here for me because I am the mother of his child and it’s our first child He would love to see his baby. It’s been a year and half and no interview . Please tell me what to do? All we are waiting for is an interview call that’s all!

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