K1 Visa Affidavit

Having been blocked from being with my partner for some time by the pandemic I have been thinking of how to show definitively that we have been together. I know plane tickets and such are common ways, but it seems to me that perhaps the most definitive proof might be something like an affidavit signed by an embassy notary that basically is our two passports copied and says more or less: X and Y were together on Z date in place. Sign X, Sign Y, Sign notary.

Not being a lawyer I don't know how complex such a document would need to be but this seems like it would be definitive proof for a K-1 visa that we had been together in the last 2 years, and perhaps proof for entry into some countries. We still cannot meet in the US or their home country due to travel restrictions! So the best I can think to do is this at an embassy. Normally one person flies to the other so there aren't a lot of joint travel records or anything. And travel is super hard right now still.


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