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I am wondering if there is a support group out there.. I feel so alone and devastated about these delays and I haven’t been home in 4 years. No one I am close to understands what I am going through and I wonder if there is a group on whatsapp or something to freely discuss and share frustrations with this system. Please let me know or maybe we can create one. Thanks

Here is a bit of my story:(I am waiting for f2B)

I've lived in the States for 20 years of my life (I'm 26 now), and the reason I left was because I didn't renew my Canadian TD visa while I was processing my first AOS application. They denied it because I wasn't in status. I thought I'd be banned for 3 years so I voluntarily left and was advised by my attorney to do so. I wasn't formally removed and lawyer advised me to file a I-601 waiver to go back but they denied it because I wasn't formally taken out of the States.I was f2A and aged out.

I don't know if I could've gone back to visit..but I waited another year for a lawyer who ghosted me (who was paid and everything) and finally transferred my case through I-824 on my own to consular processing last year and thought I'd be home by now. The delays are killing me. My mental health is so bad, because my whole family and community is there, and I'm so tired of waiting and being away from them. My father and sister are US citizens, my mom is currently in queue to interview for her citizenship, and my sister is on her way to citizenship as well. I'm the one who got stuck out and waiting :(

I’ve done therapy over the years, I’ve tried my best to be positive and hopeful but I am losing all of it now and just constantly feeling down and negative all the time. I am not around any family and it really sucks and I am so exhausted

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