H1B Consular Processing Outside Home Country

Hi everyone,

I've been approved for an H1B for a while, but due to the visa ban was unable to switch over from my F1 OPT STEM earlier on in the year. I will need to do so as soon as possible and unfortunately even though the visa-ban has been lifted, it doesn't look like I can switch over in my home country given there's a COVID travel-ban in effect so I wouldn't be able to return even if I got it processed.

My questions are:

1) Given my situation of needing consular processing but being unable to go home, can I receive consular processing in a third-country I have no ties to (e.g. Going to visit Costa Rica or somewhere for 2 weeks to get it processed)?

2) If so, what are the best places for consular processing? If the world is my oyster, how do I narrow down my search? Does anywhere have a reputation for being relatively quick/safe for H1B stamp consular processing?

Thank you so much. I guess you all know how hard this stuff can be to figure out sometimes.

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