Green Card Marriage

I have been on and off with my Brazilian boyfriend for about 2 years now. He is significantly older than I am. The biggest issue we have in our relationship time and time again is that he needs a green card to be able to work legally, have a drivers license, visit his family, basically everything. He wants to get married and feels frustrated with me that I won't get married to help him. I embarrassingly strung him along for a while thinking I could do it, but I always have such a bad feeling even when I try and convince myself to do it. Lately I have been thinking more along the lines of I can just do it as friends, he does his process, I keep living my life, it's not that big of a deal, just a court ceremony, some lawyers, a couple interview, 2-3 years and we can get a divorce... our relationship will not change however I have made it clear to him that if he did not need a green card I would not marry him right now if ever. He has offered to pay me, pay for my living expenses however I really pretty guilty about that because as an immigrant its already hard enough to cover your bases never mind someones else... I have so many questions about the process such as

- after 2-3 years when he gets his first green card, can we get a divorce and he will still be eligible for citizenship? does that complicate the process? how long does the whole process take?

- is it possible to get married without anyone knowing? i already file my taxes individually, but as an under 26 year old woman i am wondering if him and i will have to be on the same health insurance plan/if i will be able to remain on my parents health insurance plan?

- what will be my actual responsibilities? sponsoring/applying for his citizenship, a few interviews, joint bank account, all my mail goes to his house, our names on his lease, utility bills of his, joint phone plan, something i am missing?

- will i be able to leave the country as an american citizen during his process? i imagine the answer is yes, but probably not for long periods of time?

- is anyone aware of states that are easier than others to get your citizenship?

- i definitely want a prenup. what does that process look like? will my family have to sign anything if the prenup is to protect their assets as well as mine?

P.S. I live in a community with many immigrants - mostly brazilians, many eastern europeans, and I have grown up hearing about this process for many years/know many people who have done this. I know some people that have fake spouses that live in totally different states than them.

TIA for your help...

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