Canadian with F-1 Visa for US school

Hello there,

Just a quick question about the F-1 visa for Canadian students. On the US Embassy website it says I will need to arrive at the border with the following 5 items: passport, original I-20, proof of SEVIS fee payment, proof of ability to pay school fees, proof of ties to Canada.

  1. Is an I-20 just the F-1 that was issued by the school? I basically filled out an I-20 and now have an F-1.
  2. Does a bank statement from my branch along with letters from the school detailing my TA position suffice for proof of ability to pay school fees? Or does it all need to be in bank account? Are there issues with TFSA’s not being proof enough for school fees?
  3. What documents do I have to show for proof of ties to Canada?
  4. Finally, I read something about Canadians getting pre-clearance. Is this possible to do? Does it make the process easier/less stressful?

Any help is greatly appreciate!

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