Can I study computer science in Canada for $ 25k?

I am very interested in Canada and the United States and I am from Iran The situation in Iran is awful and I want to immigrate from Iran to the United States or Canada

But the problem I have is that the maximum amount of money I can make is $ 25,000 (Canadian). I know it is low, but the dollar rate in Iran is insane

I am 21. I am proficient in web design and programming I have IELTS 8. I am interested in computer engineering and software engineering and everything related to computers, and it is easy for me to study in this field.

Many people tell me, considering the cost of living, that you can not immigrate, but I want living on the streets to achieve my goal.

1.Is it possible for me to study in the US or Canada at this cost?

2.I saw on the internet that some Canadian and American universities offer scholarships, such as the University of Alabama. What are the conditions of these scholarships? Can I also receive them?

3.My goal is to be able to get a work visa after graduation and a residence permit after working. If I go to college, can I still get a work visa (I ask this because I have heard that college fees are very low)??

What do you suggest?

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