Asylum seeking advice

I'm F 21 from Myanmar. A Muslim and ethnic minority. Second year student majoring in business management. Myanmar military has always been oppressive towards Muslims and ethnic minorities. We have to wait for years to get NRC (ID) card, or bribe them and they remove the ethnic minority status out of my ID (Shan) and only put Indian and Burmese. I have 2 sisters that are still students (19 and 15) and my parents.

Especially since the military's coup happened in Feb. 1st, everything has stopped. Almost a thousand people had been killed in 3 months. My father's work is not doing well as well as my school has been closed since then. My younger sister couldn't go to school since last year. They school year is starting in next week, there are rumors that the security force will force kids to come to school, if not they will visit each and every houses to pressure the parents to come to school. Bomb blast everyday, here and there everywhere including my city. Gunshots randomly. They check our phones when we go out and when they see any political related stuff on our phone, we get arrested. Even if we don't have it, they will keep it or fine us over 50,000kyats (35 USD). Thousands of people are fleeing in other states, because of the ongoing war with armed ethnic group and Myanmar military. We have

Do you think I am eligible to seek asylum for couple years? I'm afraid since I'm not a graduate, it will be hard for me to make a living. It concerned me to see how a lot of people don't like immigrants in other countries. Also, I understand the on-going pandemic is still a serious issue in many countries.

Since there's a new whitelisted system in Myanmar, over 700+ websites have been blocked and only certain VPN can be used. It's impossible to open some websites including ASRC, etc.

Thank you in advance! Apologies for my bad English.

Have a great day!

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