About to start the divorced process, but trapped by debt and visa restrictions

So my wife and I were married for about 3 years, mostly for visa reasons so she could stay in Australia. Unfortunately, she emotionally cheated on me and we couldn't work things out earlier this year. She doesn't have Permanent Residency yet. We have about $50K debt together that we have accumulated over the years. I could tell the government and send her back to South Africa, but I also want to get my money back. We also share 2 dogs which makes things complicated. She is taking care of them at the moment since I have moved back in with my parents and my family doesn't like dogs. She has already moved on with someone else and is in a steady relationship with them, but obviously is keeping it quiet until her PR gets granted. I've requested she take out a personal loan and just pay me out, but she is taking her time with that. Unfortunately she isn't the most responsible person out there. I know I need to wait 1 year a 1 day in Australia to get a divorce, but does anyone know what day that starts? Also, when she is granted PR, if I tell the government we're not together anymore, will her visa be revoked? I also wanted to get divorced asap, but do I have to pretend to be with her so gets granted PR? I really want my money back. Sorry, it's all very complicated.

I've started dating apps recently and being married is a real deal breaker at 30. I just want to speed up this divorce process as much as possible and get my money back as well.

When does the separation date start and how do I prove it? When can I get divorced if we have to pretend to be together so she gets granted PR? Should I just dob her into the government? Can I still get divorced even if we have to pretend to be together for visa purposes? I really don't know what to do...

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