Will my fiancé (K1 visa holder) be able to cross the US/Mexico land border?

My fiancé received the Sputnik vaccine, as this was the vaccine assigned to him by the Mexican government based on his age/address. The Sputnik vaccine isn’t one of the approved vaccines to enter the US after November 8. Given that his visa expires December 18 of this year, he would not be able to get one of the approved vaccines in time before his visa expires (J&J is not being offered anywhere in Mexico right now). Even if he could, he isn’t allowed to re-register for a different vaccine. We are hoping to cross the land border since air travel is now out of the question with him being considered “unvaccinated”. We are unsure if he would be considered an “essential” traveler, although I don’t believe he fits under the definition of “non-essential” because he is not going for tourism or recreation. Will we be able to get through the land border to travel to the US? I will be traveling with him.

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