When NVC checks documents for a certain date, will they also check more recently uploaded documents?

I understand that the department checks documents based on the date they are submitted.

When I submitted my AOS for my wife's case, I included my amended tax return, and the department asked me to submit all w2's for 2020.

I wasn't sure that they meant, because I did not have a w2, as I worked abroad, so I submitted my tax transcript, along with tax return, but I may have left out the original (non-amended tax return)

I have since (as of two months later) submitted the non-amended tax return just to cover all my bases. Will the VO who checks my application be able to see documents submitted at a date later than the current date range they are checking?

For example, in a few weeks, they'll probably be checking documents for early september. When they pull up my case and see the documents i submitted in early december, will they also check ones submitted in the weeks after that? I'm worried i may have made a dumb mistake that will cost us another two or three months of waiting.

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