When can I visit the US again? B1/B2 visa holder

When can I visit the US again?

Hello, I am 28 male from Mexico.

2021: I visited Chicago this year for one month, I was admitted but I was detained for 4 hours, I was asked a lot of questions and finally got a limited stay for one month. I left the country before the expiration date of my i-94 form.

I have no idea why I was detained.

Background: 2020: I arrived in Chicago, I was detained for the first time, no explanation, it was easy, I got admitted for 6 months. I stayed 3 months in the States and left to my country. I spent 5 months in my country and came back to Chicago and that's when happened what I told you in the beginning. 🔝

I've been in my country for 6 months since that happened and now me and a couple of friends are planning to spend Christmas in McAllen texas, we're planning to stay for just one week, McAllen is very close to where I live. But I'm very scared to visit the US and get denied entry and possibly my visa canceled. I'm hoping that since McAllen is within the 25 miles border I don't need to get a I 94 permit thus I have more chances to get admitted and enjoy my vacation.

If I can't visit the US this Christmas, then how more should I wait to visit the US again?

I really appreciate your advice.

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