Visiting US on ESTA with my US husband while his permanent residence application is processing

I am a citizen of Slovakia, and about to leave with my husband, who is an American citizen, for a 3 month visit to the US while his application is pending for permanent residence in Slovakia. We got married just weeks ago during his first visit to Slovakia after a long-distance romance of nearly a year. I got approved for ESTA, and I am wondering about my chances of getting through when I arrive with my husband in the US. Our flight is from Vienna to Chicago and then to Denver.

I have no intention of staying permanently in the US. We'll have a record of applying for the permanent residence in Slovakia, but I am currently only employed part-time and I am otherwise still supported by my parents, so I have no strong ties to my home country.

I am trying to decide how best to present the situation to the CBP agents so as not to arouse suspicion that I intend to stay in the US. My honest intent is to return to Slovakia. Should I just be totally honest about my situation? Or should I not volunteer any information and just tell them I am visiting for tourism purposes, in the hopes that they will just let me through?

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