USCIS phone system

It is impossible to get through to a live person when calling USCIS at their customer support line (800) 375-5283. The virtual assistant/phone bot claims to understand complete sentences, but what happens in reality is it latches to a word and offers up something trivial that's frequently associated with that word. For example, if my nontrivial question contains the word "requirements" the bot happily offers me to learn about general greencard requirements. So much for understanding complete sentences!

What is even more frustrating if not insulting to my intelligence is the following: if the caller does not settle for cliche answers (such as to send me a text message with a link to a form I can find online) the said bot leads the caller in circles and eventually the topic of speaking to an agent (officer/representative/specialist/live person - the bot is well trained in these synonyms) comes up. At which point the bot demands to know why I need to speak to a live person. Which I fail to explain due to the bot's lack of semantic ability - and that leaves me with a choice of continuing to insist on a live agent or hanging up.

I tried continuing to insist - only to be told that if I go on demanding a live agent the bot will hang up on me! Simply insufferable.

Has anybody had similar experiences? Anyone's been able to get through to an agent? The system must be very new because googling for "how to get through to live person USCIS" comes back with instructions on what keys to press - however, the new system deprecates phone keys and steers the caller toward the above-described incompetent bot.

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