US Citizen and Filipina (K1 vs CR2)


My girlfriend lives in the Philippines. We have been talking online for quite some time and I plan to visit her once the foreign tourism restrictions are loosened in the Philippines. We haven't met yet because of those restrictions.

She has a 5 year old son and is 24 (I am 27).

If our in person meeting goes well, we would like to make a move for the K1 or CR2 so she can come live with me and my daughter.

Where I am struggling is what the smartest to do is regarding her visa.

If we met in person in the Philippines and I proposed to her before we left, then we would be able to go for the K1 when I got back home. Alternatively, I could come back a second time to marry her. But it is very hard for me to travel to begin with, and we could not get married on my first visit based on what I have read due to time constraints.

My questions are:

  1. Which one would have a higher success rate? Is the CR1 approved more often than the K1 since the marriage has already occurred? I know the CR1 can take a little longer but that's not an issue. It will make it easier for us once she arrives.

  2. If I went back a second time to marry her, can the CR1 be submitted prior to the marriage to get the ball rolling faster?

Thanks so much.

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