UK Visitor Visa - What documents to submit for the biometrics appointment?

I am planning to travel to the UK as a tourist from India in January 2022, and have applied for a standard visitor visa. I have the biometrics appointment coming up next week and I would like to know what documents I would need to carry for it.

My visa application form has two sections pertaining to this-

  1. Mandatory documents - The passport or travel document
  2. Evidence of funds available to you, and which are clearly accessible to you

I have a valid passport that doesn't expire until 2025 with more than 3 blank pages.

As for the evidence of funds, I am thinking of providing my bank statement for the past 6 months. I have enough money to cover for the tickets both ways as well as the one week stay (considering the expense to be 150 GBP per day) in my savings account. But, I have most of my savings in several fixed (term) deposits. I was wondering if I should be including a statement containing all my fixed deposits as well as evidence of funds. Also, do I need to provide my salary slip too as part of evidence of funds? If so, how many months' salary proof is required? I am a little confused about the second part of the documents section. I have read in several places about people submitting a lot of documents including a FX exchange rate statement if your bank statement is not in GBP. Many articles on the internet also talk of a cover letter which I have seen no mention of anywhere during the application process. Are all those things necessary? I also read that taking a 'more the better' approach to providing documents is wrong since it can further complicate your application and delay the processing. Any advice regarding this would be very helpful since I am quite anxious to get this visa and it's my first time going through a process like this by myself. Thanks!

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