Traveling abroad after getting married but before filing for GC (F1 visa).

Hello everyone. Let me just give you a little background. I’m an international student living in the United States for over 3 years. I have a valid F1 visa and signed I20. However, in 3 weeks I’m getting married to the permanent resident. We are planning to visit his family in South America right after our wedding (Christmas and honeymoon vacation lol). We are not planning to file immigration papers before out trip, so I will be simply married F1 student once I come back from his country. We will start immigration process in 2-3 months. So the questions are: Do you guys believe I may have problems on my way back from his country if I am married student on F1 visa? Should I not risk travel at all? Is there a chance I will be denied entry upon coming back to the US? I’m just concerned.

Thank you.

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