This is our story

This is my family's story. We are a family of 6 (my mother Laila, my sister rouby, my brother charbel, my brother abanob, my brother milo and me Rony. We are a christian family who had a father a home and a normal life until the Syrian war started. After that everything went to hell in our lives, our father was killed by ISIS and our entire belongings along with our house were destroyed. After that we immigrated to Lebanon for safety where we did try to immigrate to Canada, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and America. We got scammed of all the remaining money we had 2 times and we either got rejected or no response by the other 4 times we tried. Since that happened we decided to integrate into Lebanon's culture, society and we even learned how to speak their Arabic way of speaking (accent). We did manage to live well, my sister is a talented makeup and nail artist, my brother charbel is a very good women's hair artist while my brother abanob is a men's hair barber. Milo is in local university here in Lebanon (he hasn't started yet) and I am learning world history to become a history teacher. Things aren't so easy though because things have become even worse In Lebanon than Syria and we can't go back to Syria because we will be forced into the military by Syrian law. Lebanon is in a economic crisis right now, meaning my siblings 1000$ salaries have become 80$. The Lebanese currency used to be 1500L.L. to the 1$ now it's about 21000L.L. we don't think our family can handle another crisis, if you can give us advice or help us in anyway possible, please do so. Thank you for listening to our story.

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