Sponsor circles for afghan refugees

Interesting-- groups of private citizens living in the same town can sponsor afghan evacuees and help out for at least 90 days.


"At least five people — all of whom live in the same community — are needed to create a sponsor circle. The members agree to help for at least the first 90 days of a newcomer's resettlement, which may involve responsibilities such as helping them find a place to live, enrolling children in schools, connecting them with English language classes, and basic necessities like food and clothing. They are also expected to be sensitive to religion and culture, and understand that evacuees might be arriving with trauma.

People who apply to be part of a sponsor circle will be subject to a mandatory background check and a test on understanding the legal status, documentation and benefits available to Afghan evacuees. That includes a working knowledge and no judgment of the legal issues around humanitarian parole, the government program used to bring in the Afghans, which is only used in emergency situations when other protections are unsuitable because of long processing times"

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