Russian citizenship by birth

Hi. So after "years of research" I have dug this up from multiple sources about getting Russian citizenship "on-spot" rather than any other processes:

  • "both parents are foreign nationals living in Russia, if the child is born in Russia and hasn’t been granted citizenship of any foreign country"

There's 2 problems with this statement and I am wondering if I still could qualify (I am adult now with different post-soviet country citizenship as my family moved out when I was 6)

So I was born in Russia, both parents in Russia back then, my father USED to be citizen, but as of now he only lives in Russia (I am not sure of his legal status as we haven't talked due to family problems)

Years ago my father did tell me there was a "trick" of giving up my current non-russian citizenship and that would make me eligible for it 100% just because I was born there. How true is this? he seemed to be sure but? I still have Russian birth certificates and all.

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