Reissue of Indian passport in USA

My Indian passport expired about 5 months ago and I am trying to apply for a reissue. Background: I was on a F1 student visa and I applied for a green card last year and have a pending case with them. My F1 visa expired in August 2021. I do have a valid work permit that I applied with green card , and I797 receipt notices of the green card application.


1) My spouse is American and I was wondering if I need to submit any documents related to our marriage.

2)In the checklist document it says under mandatory valid status in the USA “Recently expired visa with i797a and i797c receipt notice.” What should I do here? I only have receipt notices and a valid work card but I don’t have the approval notice. What should I do here?

3)Tatkal question: Since my status is not valid, can I not use Tatkal for my application?

Thank you for your time

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