Perhaps things are more complicated

So I made a post mot super long ago that read like this. Its about marrying my fiance soon and helping with getting their green card afterwards.

"They're currently on an overstayed Visa and they've been here for years. I also want to help them get residency by doing this but I dont know how we can do this in a legal way. Any advice will be very much appreciated as it feels like a delicate situation. For context he came to the US on a tourist Visa as a minor and didnt expect to stay here in the first place. Hes been here for about 4-5 years since. How can this situation be fixed and what can we do? He also graduated high school here and went to trade school here if that helps"

But I found out, when he came, his mother did not put his legal last names on his visa/passport. Instead she put her last names in place of his. Does anyone know the best route to take here? He has maternal last name on it along with hers.

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