O1-B Visa Question

Hello! I have just put together my O1-B Visa, it is looking really strong from what I gather, I have used an immigration lawyer to help with the process, I have over 25 previous contracts, and over 300 articles on mainstream media to support being 'exceptional' at music.

The question I have though, I'm a songwriter signed to one of the biggest publishing companies, but they are based in Australia (Where I live). And for work in the US as part of the immigration process, my work doesn't necessarily have a salary like they ask for. My work is working with other songwriters and producers in the US to create music to sign to labels and give to other pop acts as songs. I am finding it hard though to get work contracts in place by companies in the US, because that's not really how the industry operates.

Can anyone let me know what they think of the above, and perhaps my chances, everything else besides work contracts is looking amazing.

PS: I have about 5 letters from industry professionals including 2 of them by Grammy winning people in the field.

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