Nervous about CBP - Travelling on B2 to meet LD boyfriend

I am a citizen of a 3rd world Caribbean country where I work as a high school teacher with the government. I am also a masters student.

I visited the USA for vacation towards the end of May. I initially planned to return home towards the end of July. That’s when I booked my return ticket for.

However, I met my boyfriend (who is a US citizen) while in the US towards the end of June. We really hit it off and so I missed my return flight and stayed until the first week in September. I had to leave at that time to resume my work and school duties. I left before work and school resumed. Consequently, I ended up spending 3 months and a couple days in US.

As a teacher, I am privileged to get many holidays/school breaks. I now want to visit my boyfriend in December for about 9 days. I would reserve and stay at a hotel or Airbnb for the duration of the visit. That’s exactly what I plan to tell, and if necessary, show proof to CBP.

I am worried absolutely sick that I may be refused entry by CBP because I previously stayed 3 months despite initially planning to spend 2 months. My job affords me long paid holidays as a teacher - that’s genuinely why I was able to stay. I did not engage in any work or illegal activities. I simply vacationed and visited different places with my new boyfriend.

I GENUINELY do not plan to and will not live in the USA. Nor will I get married - we are simply dating and still getting to know each other. I have excellent job benefits as a permanent civil servant & completing my masters is my priority. I can easily provide proof of my work, student and financial status.

Am I overthinking or is my chance of refusal very high? Please advise.

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