Nationality question

Hey all,

I'm a green card holder and went to a different state on vacation. I checked in at the hotel and provided my US driving permit for ID, I had to sign a registration form for the hotel confirming my reservation, after I signed it I noticed it said nationality American. I scored it out in pen and wrote German in it instead, the hotel concierge apologized and said she can change it and print a new one, and said because I gave her driving document ..if I gave her a passport she would of known to done German (even though driving doc doesn't mention nationality)

I received a new print out and signed it with the correct nationality and it has my passport number in it instead of previously having my driver's license number.

I am huge worry well and explained to her how green card holders can not be American. This won't effect me for citizenship will it, I am true and honest and did not enter or say I was American national the lady assumed and entered it but I got them to correct it and I took a picture of the new form signed.

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