My friend (US Citizen) is pregnant with my child (F1 Student). What can I do to co-parent without marriage?

My fwb got pregnant and I'm the father since she hasn't been sleeping with anyone else. I'd be recommending an abortion, but ultimately, it is her decision. There are a lot of things on my mind right now so I just want to ask what'll happen immigration-wise so I can be prepared.

We're not romantically involved and neither is interested so marriage is not an option. There is 0% chance that she move to my country. So if she decided against an abortion, our child would be born in the United States, and I would like to be in the child's life.

I've been reading some Q&As on this and it seems that having a US citizen child doesn't grant you a resident status. You can only get a green card when the child is 21. My original plan was: F1 for another year and STEM OPT for 3 years, and h1B hopefully. If she decided to keep the child, what kind of status am I entitled to here in the United States. What is the visa name?

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