My F1 OPT STEM Extension EAD Card has a printing error - potentially cost me a job and my legal status

Hello everyone!

I am on my F-1 STEM Extension and have hardly 2 months of unemployment left and savings for about roughly the same amount of time.

The EAD Card that they sent me has the terms and conditions printed as "None".

I did not notice this but the consulting company that was looking for work for me did and said they cannot market my profile due to the error. It is supposed to say "STU STEM extension only" or something like that, according to them.

Is this correct? I was quite far in the marketing process, about a month.

Losing this lead due to this error puts me in a tough spot. I can either risk it and stay here until my savings hit zero or head back to my home country where if I leave now, I should be able to last a while longer and find some work there.

Either way, the rent for my current apartment is not something I cannot afford much longer. I managed to find an incredible job offer before I signed this lease, but I was unable to stay on due to issues with how that company operated.
I had a good backup in the form of this consulting company when I left, but now it feels bleak and my best option seems to be to get out.

I have signed a 1 year lease which ends on July 2022 and was wondering what the best way to approach this would be, before informing the landlord which happens to be a firm, not an individual; about my situation.

Some of the options I have come up with are:
1) Find an alternative occupant to take over my lease. This seems to be the best one, but I will have to see if I can find someone.

2) Request my landlord to cut the lease short after explaining my situation: This is dicey and I don't want this to be the only plan I have.

Is there any way to leverage the fact that the USCIS - a government body - made a printing error that affected my ability to pay rent?

That IS very much what happened, but how I can use it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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