My abusive parents are leaving to Honduras

So my parents are returning back to honduras soon. They are both unlawful entries however they had my sister in the USA, she's 13 now. She doesn't want to leave for 2 reasons. Honduras is completely foreign territory to her. The other reason is that our parents are wackjobs. My father is manipulative, aggressive, and abusive. My mother is only good at being a bystander. I've been beat and hit with random objects. One time my dad tried to pull out my braces with his hands. My sister had an uncomfortable childhood by trying to stop my parents when I was being targeted. She is afraid that with my absence and a lack of a good legal system, that they'll have more freedom with their "discipline". My parents also don't work, my dad is injured and my mother doesn't have a stable job, I do though. They clearly don't care about her education and her well-being. I want to keep her away from them. I've had a consultation with a lawyer, but I was told unless he lays hands on her with evidence I can't do a thing. There has to be something that can be done right?

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