Moving from UK to US on L2 visa. Can I finish an ongoing freelance project for UK company whilst waiting for EAD?

My partner (L1 visa) and I (L2) were due to be moving from UK to New York in March or April 2022. This has been brought forward and is now likely to be early January.

I am aware I cannot work in the US until I have my EAD, which could take months to be approved.

I have been doing some freelance work for a UK company and now we are moving earlier than anticipated, I would not be able to finish it before the move.

Am I legally allowed to carry on that work from New York whilst waiting for my EAD?

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

If allowed, they would pay me any remaining money for the project to my existing UK bank account.

I have researched online but am struggling to find an example of someone in my situation.

Once that project is over, I would not be working - then would look to freelance in New York once my EAD arrives.

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