Mexican boyfriend in US illegally

I met my boyfriend this summer. Things are getting serious and I love him so we had a discussion on his legal status in the US.

He came in through Canada on what he thought was a work permit. He had gone to Canada to work through an agency and spent 18 months there and in a Facebook group he was in in Canada they were soliciting folks for a dairy in the US and promised work auth/permits.

He and a handful of others communicated with the person who got things in order and then they met up with him as he planned to drive them all. My boyfriend had his passport with him but he fell asleep and when he woke up they were across the border. He said he asked the guy what happened because he thought he would need to show his passport and the guy said the border agent looked at the guys documents and waived the whole vehicle through.

As you can guess, this whole thing is exactly as fishy as it sounds but my boyfriend really didn't know better.

The "work auth" they gave him was a social security number to use (he was told it's his work permit #). They have him as a W2 employee. He thought everything was on the up and up. He does not recall filling out an I9 or making a claim to be a US citizen but his English is very poor so if he did fill out an I9 he would have needed help.

When he told me all this I just stared .. but I believe him.

If we get married, military parole in place is an option due to my service to get past his illegal entry (they issue an i94 to give him a legal entry), but the work fraud? Will that stop him from adjusting status and getting a green card?

I did an initial consult with a lawyer who gave me information that not even google knows what he was talking about... I have another consult with a different lawyer in December but wanted to get this forums take.

And if they deny his green card, can get just renew the parole in place every year indefinitely?

Or are we looking at a permanent ban regardless because of working with the fake SSN?

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