Marketing Manager trying to look for a change

Hi, Fellow expats.

I'm 22 Y/o Marketing Manager who's currently leading marketing for a company in 9 countries.

And honestly, while this sounds all hunky Dory, it's not 9 times out of 10 I'm in a share holders meeting where folks do not understand anything about it.

Recently, in an office clash I openly pointed mistakes in a welfare mindset of a Go-To-Market plan with a US based shareholder that the latter created.

He did not take it well, decided on removing me from further discussion and pressured management into doing so. Now 5 months later the faulty plan was executed and now we're down $500K and I'm burning midnight fuels keeping whatever's left intact and building quick fixes and a long term plan which I'm sure will not be accepted.

Now, This is what the inside scoop is like.

A bit about me personally.

22 Year old.

Was Chosen as CMO Candidate for 3 venture backed startups 2 of which have migrated( I couldn't due to personal reasons) 1 which has decided to outsource their marketing. Fortunately, the founders still have me in the highest of regards and completely open about talking to me to this day with no qualms.

What's the plan now?

I want out of this company Sadly, It's getting tough by the day, I'm based out of India and hiring practices for an entry level role require you to have passed out from an institute sanctioned by the Gods themselves (If you're my age) Or, have 10 years of experience for managerial postion.

In a hiring manager's words, "Nobody, gets to marketing manager and that too for international scope at 22, only bullshitters do"

My open request for this community is to help me figure out a good country to which migration is rather plausible.

Checked US and Canada, they're not.

I Market for E-Commerce and SaaS led businesses based in D2C AND B2B verticals.

Have made deals worth Rs. 2.3 million with emails simply.

And, have made a powerful content led strategy that helped in market penetration in 3 countries. And many other things I'd love to talk about.

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