Lost Passport with F-1 Visa. Do I need it for my H1-B next year?

Hi r /immigration,

I recently lost my passport. It had my F-1 Visa in it. I have made a report to the local police, contacted my university for guidance, sent a notice to the issuing U.S. consulate in my home country, and am currently working with my consulate to apply for a new passport. I should have it by early December.

I know that I would need to exit the US and go through the visa application process again to have a new visa on my new passport. But I don't intend on traveling if I don't have to. I am currently working through my STEM OPT and have it valid until mid-2023.

The only reason I would exit the US is if I need to have a visa stamp on my new passport to enter the H1B lottery.

For those that have already applied for the H1B, were you required to provide your passport with the visa stamp? I have scans of the old passport's biographical page and the visa page. Now that I have reported it lost, I am not sure if it could still be submitted as documentation.

Thank you!

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