Kenyan Citizen➡️ UK/EU. Seeking Advice


I am a 24 year old chef with about 5 years total professional experience, and just over 2 years experience in a 2 Michelin star restaurant. I currently hold an O2 visa and live, and work in the USA.

I am looking for some advice on the possible paths available to me to immigrate to the UK/EU. I have identified several restaurants I would wish to work at and would like some help to know the feasibility of my options. If anybody has some knowledge or experience with visas in the restaurant industry, that would be greatly appreciated.

For a bit of background, I entered the US on a J1 visa that I gained through a recruitment agency, then found a chef on an O1 visa at a different restaurant, transferred my J1 there for a few months, then applied for my O2 through the chef on an O1 and have been linked ever since. If anyone knows if I could do something similar in the UK/EU, let me know. It wouldn't have to be me going directly to a restaurant/job of my choosing.


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