K1 Visa Help Regarding Proof of Citizenship (Petitioner Side)

Hi guys, I'm about to start the K1 visa process and file the first form I-129F. I am the US Citizen/Petitioner, and I had a question regarding proof of citizenship for those of you (petitioners) who went through the K1. Will my Birth certificate and passport copy suffice for my proof of citizenship, or will i need a citizenship certificate from the USCIS? I was born in the USA.

On the USCIS site, it says you need the following:

  • Evidence of your U.S. citizenship:
    • A copy of your birth certificate, issued by a civil registrar, vital statistics office, or other civil authority showing you were born in the United States;
    • A copy of your naturalization or citizenship certificate issued by USCIS or the former Immigration and Naturalization Service;
    • A copy of your unexpired U.S. passport; or
    • An original statement from a U.S. consular officer verifying you are a U.S. citizen with a valid passport;

I read that citizenship certificates are typically needed for those who got their US citizenship outside of being born in the USA. Would like to get all the necessary forms right the first time I file since there's significant delays as it is in my fiancee's embassy.

Also how will I get the last one they need (if I even need one)?

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