K1 lawyer help and processing time

Hello, does anyone know an immigration lawyer specialising in K1 visas? I want to do the paperwork myself but I do have some questions I'd like to ask (mostly to determine if our case is strong enough).

Story is, we started talking in August, met in September and we were seeing each other 3-4 days a week for two months, before he had to go back to the US. We are sure we want to move in together as fast as possible, but will it raise a big red flag? I don't want our petition to be denied because of that, should we wait longer before filing? I would hate that with the waiting time being so long because of covid.

Also, what is the processing time for a K1 petition right now? Some websites say 6-9 months, others 12-15 and I'm just confused.

Thank you very much!

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