K-1 visa help

Hello, a few months ago, I mailed a completed K-1 visa packet on my own behalf with form I-129f and accompanying evidence to the USCIS office in Texas. I recently got this e-notice, stating that my document was returned to the USCIS. The instructions on this notice tell me to submit a request to have the documents sent back to me. However, when I follow the provided link to do so, I am taken here, where there seems to be no link for me to perform this action.

First of all, I am uncertain what these "documents" are or why I need to do this. I never sent any documents in the mail except photo copies, my I-129f form, and some photographs and written statements. My theory is that I need to make an amendment or correction to a form, and that they attempted to mail it back but it was deemed undeliverable. My address was correctly written down multiple times in the packet, which makes this more confusing.

Just in case, I updated my address on the USCIS website, but it has been a while since I've heard from them. If anyone has an idea of what course of action I should take at this point, I would greatly appreciate it. Do ask if I need to provide more information for further clarity. Thank you!

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