Immigrant in USA for 21 years trying to get elderly grandparent into the country - challenge is health insurance


I'm writing this for a friend in Connecticut (if the states have different rules).

My friend has been in the USA for 21 years and is now a citizen as are her parents. They came from Ukraine originally. My friend's grandmother, her father's mother, is elderly and still in Ukraine. They want to get her to come here to the USA, but she's not entirely well, and we're told you can't get on Medicare until you have a S.S. number which could easily take a year. Which means a year of living on the edge of a knife where any decline in health could bankrupt the family because being uninsured in the USA is horrible.

Has anyone been through this and know the clearest path? Is there a way, for example, to make her a dependent on my friend's parents and put her on their private insurance? Can she get COBRA or any other interim insurance? Can she get on CT's health insurance exchange?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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