If you had 1 year to plan a move to Ireland, and could use that time to study for a career there, what would you do with that time?

So, I have 13+ years experience as a bartender, I'm going into my 3rd year as a real estate agent here in the US, and also have an associate's degree in architecture. Though I haven't done much with the degree, I wonder what would be a better financial option for me;

1) spend this time brushing up on my CAD/design skills and taking more classes so that I get an entry level job at an architecture firm in Ireland

2) try looking in to becoming a licensed real estate agent there by taking online classes now, (my concerns there are that I won't have a car right away, and I'm new to the area, so I won't know my way around for a while)

3) try to get some sort of medical certificate, like pharmacy technician or medical assistant that will hopefully transfer over

I will have at least a years worth of reserves for rent (about 22,000€) that I won't touch unless I need to, in case work is hard to find right away. On top of the money I have saved already. I just don't want to get over there and find that the only job I can get is 12-14€/hr bar staff gig, when I know I have the experience for higher than that.

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